Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

Virtual desktop infrastructure can fundamentally change your business practices for the better, working to optimize employee experience while helping you to save money by making the work process more efficient and budget-friendly. Here is everything you need to know about VDI, including how to get started with this infrastructure by partnering with a strong IT support group.

What is VDI?

Virtual desktop infrastructure is a specific form of desktop virtualization that uses a complex and efficient network to connect devices and connect with clients. Unlike a traditional network set up, VDI allows for the use of virtual machines to partner with physical desktops on networks, helping to make it easier to store data and allow employees to collaborate over a cloud network while ensuring that your business is covered in terms of digital security.

For a VDI to work, you need to have a centralized server and every computer needs to be running the same operating system, like Microsoft Windows. This set up is the framework of the modern digital office and can make a huge difference in your company’s ability to stay competitive and offer your clients and employees the best user experience when it comes to your technological support.

Here are five of the top benefits of implementing VDI at your business:

  1. One of the biggest benefits of VDI is that it allows desktops to utilize the same image, which can be a huge support from an organizational and cost standpoint on your operating system. As applications are introduced images need to be tested and often updated, and adjustments may be necessary. Having all work stations using the same image can be huge support operationally as a result.
  2. Working with a VDI provides more options for big upgrades. Having the office place connected on a VDI will require fundamental tech support in the form of server hardware and storage infrastructure, but everything will be hosted in a singular data center, which means that there isn’t a need for a massive collection of PCs. This means that you can easily set up a BYOD system, give employees the option to work on tablets or other preferred devices, and to have a series of thin clients on hand for easy use. There are a lot of options available, and a lot of room left in the budget.
  3. By managing a single operating system across your office place you can easily reduce operational costs and improve the amount of space in your IT budget. Hosting everything in one data center makes this simple to do. Drivers, patches and applications will only need to be installed once per user, rather than individual troubleshooting having to take place. This simplifies so much of the maintenance for machinery and can be a big help on your budget.
  4. With everyone working on one operating system and one image, there is a lot smaller room for error, which means that when something goes wrong it is probably something from a small list of potential errors—and most likely something that you’ve seen before and know how to address. Troubleshooting is just easier when the office is running with VDI.
  5. As happens with many technological upgrades, working with a VDI can help keep your data more secure. Having a wide range of desktops all operating individually gives too many options into your system, but with VDI this becomes simplified. The data being held in a centralized server also means that there are fewer access points for attacks to cause damage to your business, and this heightened security can mean major benefits to your bottom line.

Working with VDI has a lot of benefits. VDI desktops are incredibly reliable and more manageable than many of the alternatives and can offer your corporate office a custom user experience that makes sense for you. All the while, this system can help to reduce your IT costs, thereby helping you to push funds into IT services that enhance your client and employee experience. The most complicated part of working with VDI desktops is getting the program set up, but partnering with an IT expert in your area can help you with this process. A strong IT support team can help you to save money while helping to run your business efficiently and effectively, all the while keeping your data safe and secure. To get started, contact us to connect with an IT support expert.


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