Thin Clients Reducing IT Costs

Thin Clients Can Help Reduce IT Costs

For those who aren’t in the IT field, making a choice on what kind of computer to bring into the workspace for employees can easily become very complicated. One way that some businesses opt to save money on IT costs is to utilize thin clients, which are stripped-down computers that have little memory or processing power. In some circumstances, this strategy can work, but in other situations, this is a tricky trade-off that could leave you with machinery that isn’t up to the task of what your business requires.

Our IT company in Toronto, Canada, Tektonic Inc. works with clients across Toronto to help them save money on their monthly IT bill.  One way is by deploying thin clients or virtual desktop solutions.

The Benefits and Drawbacks of Thin Clients

Thin clients can be a great solution to the need for updated technology within a strict budget. However, there is a time and a place for budget-based decisions. There are plenty of office spaces that do not need their computers to have a lot of processing power, but this isn’t always the case. If your company isn’t a good fit for these stripped-down PCs, then your investment in thin clients may not save you money—it may cost you big time.

Here is everything you need to consider before deciding to invest in thin clients:

  • Thin clients rely on strong network connections. When the computer doesn’t have a lot of processing power, you need to have a very strong network that your employees can hook up to so they can complete tasks as needed.
  • Thin and zero clients rely on sufficient cloud storage. This is especially true with zero clients, which have no on-board storage available what-so-ever. For your employees to be able to sufficiently do their work with these types of computers it is absolutely essential that you provide them with access to enough storage through your network.
  • This solution can support lower hardware costs. If you are ready to invest sufficiently in software, then thin clients and zero clients can help to balance your budget by making it possible to get hardware at a reduced cost. The savings per unit for thin clients is significant. The average desktop computer starts at $600, while thin clients can be obtained for as low as $250 per work station.
  • Working with thin clients can simplify your IT needs. When you reduce the complexity of the equipment that your office will use, it becomes easier to manage those IT needs. Cloud support and virus protection will be at the forefront of your IT needs, but a lot of the service typically needed with more complex machinery will not be necessary in these circumstances.
  • Thin clients can reduce your energy costs. The reduced processing power means that these machines are going to draw less energy, which could reduce your in-office energy consumption. By connecting your thin clients up to quality cloud platforms and a secure business network, you can easily reduce your energy consumption costs without losing any of your performance quality.
  • Thin clients reduce security risks. Thin clients require data to be stored in a cloud or non-local server, which means that all of your data is going to be locked up and managed by those hosting those platforms. This provides added security, and since your computers are stripped down there is little room for malware to do damage internally. This can significantly reduce your security risk, and in turn, can help to save your business money.

Working with thin clients can help your business to save money, but only if you are making the right choices to invest in the appropriate networks and cloud platforms. Work with an IT support expert to find out if thin clients are a good solution for your office.


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