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Which Way for Organizations in 2021 Hardware Budgets: A View from the Top MSPs

2021 Tech Budgets
Discover what Top MSPs say the top technology investments of 2021 will be. Get insider information on what and where to invest your corporate dollars on.

How Important Are Backup/Disaster Recovery And Business Continuity Plans?

Business Continuity Planning
In a study published by data backup and business continuity solutions provider Unitrends, 93% of organizations that lost critical business data for more than ten days filed for bankruptcy within a year of the loss.

Intrusion Detection & Prevention (Important Terms)

Network Intrusion
Almost every business is battling data breaches today. The increased cybersecurity issues have forced organizations to find practical solutions to protect their business network system, including the use of IDPS.

Twitter Hacked! Thousand A Phishing Attempts Made

Twitter Hacked
Discover insights into the recent Twitter hack and how organizations can prevent themselves from falling victim to a social media hacking attempt.

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (Top Benefits)

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure
Discover the top benefits of virtual desktop infrastructure. How can your organization benefit from VDI technology and solutions?

When Was The Last Time You Revisited Your Digital Roadmap?

Digital Roadmap
Digital roadmaps are important elements of any organization that are helping businesses achieve their goals through digital initiatives.

Why The Microsoft Cloud Is Awesome For Small Companies

Microsoft Cloud Computing
Cloud technology has resulted in exciting new opportunities that let your small business be competitive in the global market

Critical Questions To Ask When Hiring An IT Manager

Hiring An IT Manager
The demand for highly skilled information technology personnel is increasing due to continued digitization. It is no surprise that Forbes lists IT posts as one of the most challenging positions to fill.

Licensing Issues May Prohibit Windows 10 on Apple’s New Macs

Apple and Windows 10
If you’re an Apple Boot Camp user, heads up: With new changes on the horizon, Apple may have disabled Mac users’ ability to operate Windows 10.

10 Affordable Small Business Cybersecurity Strategies

Small Business Cybersecurity Strategies
Cybercriminals are increasingly targeting small businesses, thereby compromising the viability and reputation of the affected entities.